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Renewable Energy Education for 2010 and Beyond.

Empower Appropriate Renewables To Help Reduce All Carbon Emissions by 2012


Solarsteve is looking to give away his renewable energy library to a good home
that is willing to digitally-scan this valuable collection and make it globally available.
Solarsteve's entire solar education library [PV, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass, etc]
is packed up and ready to be delivered.
First choice is a local Community College with a Solar/Renewable Energy Program.
If you're interested in a free renewable energy education library, please contact, ASAP:


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....The world is changing every day. Renewable energy...photovoltaic power, passive solar architecture, electric vehicles, alcohol fuels, wind conversion systems...are all forward-thinking systems for people and industry this millenium and beyond.
In 2010 half of all the people on earth are still living at the 'developing village' level.
RESCUE TEAM INC is currently looking at renewable energy library solutions for village power as well as the renewably fueled cities of the future.

Do you have renewable energy library expertise? Think:
R.E.S.C.U.E.  T.E.A.M  I.N.C.

Renewable Energy Systems Consultants United Enterprises To Ensure Ample Management In Negotiating Crises

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