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SolarSteve's School of Terrestrial Wind Energy

invites you to consider a few issues concerning

::: Low vs High Solidity Ratio Rotors :::




"Wind Electric"
"Wind Mechanical" Energy Conversion

Wind-mechanical systems have "high-solidity-ratio," "low-tip-speed-ratio" rotors.

Wind-mechanical systems start up in very low wind speeds (typically 3-5 mph).

...and are great for "torque-type" operations, such as pumping, lifting, grinding, etc.


Wind-electric systems have "low-solidity-ratio," "high-tip-speed-ratio" rotors.

Wind-electric systems start up in moderate wind speeds (typically 3-7 mph - but don't really start making useful electricity until 9-11 mph).

"The road to Carbon Emission Reduction is always under construction!"

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