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Solar Telemetry Applications

Typical PV telemetry markets include remote oil and gas well/pipeline operations, weather data collection, earthquake sensors/monitors, etc. Applications are generally divided large (>50 Watts peak) or small(<50 Wp) power requirements.

Telemetry applications are generally limited to data acquisition, data processing and data transmission. Typically, transmission equipment may include two way radio, UHF, microwave repeater(s), satellite, or modem, etc.

PV powered hydrometeorological data buoy designed for reliable operation in the harshest of sea conditions. Code named WEBOS, it collects environmental data using an extensive array of sensors. The information is processed and then transmitted to a land-based station via satellite. The
system consists of on-board solar power source, environmental sensors, a computer data acquisition processor, and a telemetry system. Versatile sets of meteorological and oceanographic sensors are interfaced with the system via sophisticated 1/0 cards which will allow virtually any commercially available sensor to be connected. The photovoltaic modules were designed to meet the strict U.S. Coast Guard specification for high pressure immersion and salt spray test conditions.

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