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Go ahead and look around. This area won't be open for awhile.

SolarDome Park on the Web consists of seven multi-level domes, all traversableby electric or human powered vehicles. SolarDome enforces strict environmentalregulations throughout the park. No fossil fuels of any kind are allowedbeyond the outermost visitor parking area.
Admission includes one vehicle per visitor, which may be modified, rebuiltand/or traded at any time.

There are no flying vehicles allowed in the park at this time. Maybe nextyear.

At this point, all electric power to SolarDome comes from wind-electricgenerators and photovoltaic panels. We use ethanol (alcohol from sugar crops)to run our backup electrical generators.
Hot water for the rest areas and campgrounds (bathrooms, showers, swimmingareas and snackshops) is heated directly by the simplest solar thermal systems.The robots are currently working 24 hour shifts, seven days a week. Theirnickle-hydride batteries are photovoltaic (PV) and wind powered. On cloudy,windless days, we run the ethanol generators to charge batteries. At thispoint we're pretty much battery dependent. There are a few things we rundirectly during sun-hours; mostly circulation pumps and ventilation fans.

The seven circles of SolarDome on the Web correspond to the actual blueprintsfor SolarDome City, which still needs more than a billion dollars and probablywon't begin construction before the beginning of the next century.
R.E.S.C.U.E. T.E.A.M. I.N.C. wants to see the city built as soon as possible.Like SolarDome on the Web, SolarDome City construction will be modular,conforming to the highest renewable energy and enviromentally-correct solutions.
Someday, SolarDome Themepark will employee a half of a small city.
Today, SolarDome on the Web is entirely electronic,

our energy-efficient robotic staff, runningon little more than sunlight and water is coding, night and day to makeSolarDome Themepark on the Web ready for visitors soon.

If you're interested in contributing to the efforts, address your commentsto SolarDome's current
spokesperson :

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