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SolarDome School 
Ekistic Science

Ekistics is the science that drawson the combined talents of
the professional design community to designfuture cities and other settlements.

:::: Energy Conversion::::
:::::The Greenhouse Effect:::::
:::Solar Electric Applications::::
:::::Renewable EnergyComponents::::::
::::::Wind Energy Conversion Systems:::::
:::::::::::Life Cycle Costing 101 (elementary):::::::::::
:::::::::::R. CRUMB'S City of the Future / ZAP'68::::::::
::::::::: Cost Comparison: Utility Power vsPhotovoltaic::::::::::
::::::::::Energy Consumption for Household Appliances::::::::::
::::::::::::Energy for City Power vs VillagePower::::::::::::
::::::::::::::Global Photovoltaic Markets Profile::::::::::::
:::::::::::Life Cycle Costing 102 (advanced):::::::::
:::::::::Battery Connection Configuration:::::::::::::
::::Electrical Storage Battery R&D:::::
:::::Electrical Storage Battery Use and Theory:::::
:::::The Whole Enterprise Needs to Make Sense...notjust the solar system(s):::::
:::::::::Financing Village Electrification:::::::::
:::Solar Thermal:::
:::Electric Vehicles:::

::::: The road to SolarDome is always under construction:::::


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