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Photovoltaic Water Harvesting Applications

Photovoltaic power for water pumping and purification for villages in thedeveloping nations, where widespread utility networks are impractical, aswell as agricultural-irrigation pumping applications around the world, continueto remain steady photovoltaic markets.

Main subcategories within this market segment are:
· large projects
· small & portable systems

System criteria for both subsegments generally include: daytime operation,continuous supply of reliable power, affordability, low maintenance requirementsand low fuel consumption to minimize the high costs of fuel / delivery.

· Large Egyptian agricultural project operated by the American Universityat Cairo. Large solar arrays provide power for irrigation systems. Welldepth is 150 feet. The system is designed to stand alone. Deep cycle rechargeablebattery banks are fed by hundreds of photovoltaic modules, powering theentire project. The result is an increase in the productivity of area.

· < half million small and portable PV systems for agriculturalwater pumping and drinking water supply are installed and competitive withother available power sources when operation and maintenance costs are factored.Also traditional diesel and gasoline generators do not offer the requiredautonomy in areas where fuel, spare parts and repair skills are not readilyavailable. For instance, in Papua New Guinea with difficult terrain relativelyundeveloped infrastructure, solar electricity provides reliable performanceover time, virtually maintenance free. In most water pumping applications,photovoltaic power is utilized in direct proportion to the available solarinsolation. When more water is required on hot, sunny days, increased powerwill be available for water pumping. This is also true for water purification.Increased sunlight produces greater microbiological activity, which increasesthe load on water purification equipment. Increased sun on PV produces morepumping power and is an excellent match for water harvesting.

The Micronesian Mariculture Demonstration Center in Palau (MMDC) pumpingstations / seawater circulation to grow giant triacnid clams. Eight 43 wattmodules. Power system has no fuel costs and virtually no maintenance requirement.The lifespan of the solar modules is around four times the useful life ofthe diesel engine.

BOS = Pumping system / cable & connectors / PV Mount
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