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Medical Applications for Solar Electricity

Typically, photovoltaic modules are used in non grid-connected ruralvillages, worldwide, to provide power for:
· refrigerated storage for medical vaccines
· refrigeration for basic nourishment,
· medical lighting
· dentistry equipment
· mobile computer and test equipment

EXAMPLE : The Canvassback, a large twin-hulled sailing catamaran makes scheduleddental and medical tours in the Marshall Islands. The seventy-one foot sailingclinic is equipped with photovoltaic modular power. The Canvassback is staffedby a pool of volunteer doctors and dentists and provides free, desperatelyneeded medical services to thousands of local Marshallese residents. Doctorsimmunize school children, examine eyes and teeth and perform surgery. Onan average trip, the dental team performs over 900 fillings and root canalsover a two month period.

EXAMPLE: Medical Vaccine Refrigerators - designed to meet the strict criteriaset by the World Health Organization and UNICEF have a special two-chamber,two-compressor system which operates on four 50 Watt charging modules togetherwith deep cycle rechargeable storage batteries. With a typical power consumptionof 40-60 Amp Hours/day, it has a 10 liter freezer capacity, and 30 litercapacity refrigerator.
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