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Missionary Solar Electric Applications

Missionary PV market segments include two subcategories. The subsegmentsare :
· Power for use by missionaries
· Power for villager basic needs, provided by missionaries

EXAMPLE: Thousands of outback global villages around the world experiencedphotovoltaic power for the first time due to the missionary and languagetranslation services of the Jungle Aviation Radio Service. J.A.A.R.S. relysheavily on PV powered computers, language translation equipment, fans andlighting systems, purchasing an average of > 300 systems per year since1985.

EXAMPLE: Father Luis Quinn, a Catholic priest and dynamic community leaderin the south eastern part of the Dominican Republic, has used photovoltaicpower to many local village power needs including water supply pumping andschool, health clinic and community center lighting.

Also in the Dominican Republic, Richard Hansen runs a small store, supplyingsolar electric equipment to the surrounding communities. Hanson also setup an association which helps finance photovoltaic systems within localcommunities. Local community stores using PV lighting report that eveningillumination has increased business enough to pay for the solar system.
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